To write is human, to edit is divine.

Using the text module is super easy in

Drag and drop the text module into your screen.
Type in what you want to say.
That's it.

Once you've set the text module in your screen, you can edit it in the customization panel.

You can choose the background color of your text. You can also set it to transparent by choosing the icon of the square with the diagonal across it.
The color of the font can also be changed. You can also change the size. It works like any word processor you are familiar with. Select a number from the dropdown or type in your own.
Changing the font is easy as well. Your options come from Google Fonts (more info here). If you'd like to install one of your own fonts, we have a guide for that as well. Check it out here.

One more thing to note is that by default the text is center-aligned.

Use text in your app. It's the write thing to do. 😉
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