When you sign up for v.one, you can expect our full attention and support as you design and build you app. We will do our best to help you have an awesome experience as you build out your own v.one, the version one of your app.

Check out below some of the apps other users have built on v.one:

🤝 Handshake

An app to help you find and rent items near you

👩🏽‍🏫 Chalk Talk

Chalk Talk is a mobile app for students to easily communicate with classmates and instructors after school hours. It’s organized by subject, and each subject is divided between “Classroom” and “Trending” tabs. Chalk Talk provides a platform for streamlined discussion where students create scholarly posts to share knowledge, engage with classmates, and see real-world applications of classroom topics. Each subject section offers relevant information and the ability to easily participate in collaborative discussion. Chalk Talk utilizes maker learning, where users learn more effectively by being proactive and formulating their own ideas instead of simply solving specific problems. It also offers a rewards program where users earn points for participating and can redeem those points for prizes. The purpose of Chalk Talk is to improve comprehension, communication, and engagement after school hours.

🏀 Texas Legends

The all-new app features an immersive ticket-buying experience, mobile tickets, interactive traffic maps, as well as the most up-to-date scores, stats, news, highlights and more!
The Texas Legends are an NBA G League team based in Frisco, Texas, and the minor league affiliate of the Dallas Mavericks.

🌲 Trestimate

Find the best arborist and tree service quotes near you with Trestimate!

🧠 Guidance

Guidance connects Advice Givers with Advice Seekers. Advice Givers determine how much they want to charge for their services, and after they connect with Advice Seekers for a session, each user rates their experience.

🚦 Hanglight

Tell your friends when you're available to hang out, with Hanglight!

💎 WeWyll

WeWyll is a matchmaking service, pairing individuals with volunteer opportunities they care about.
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