We have no learning curve relative to other builders because simply because we don’t expect you have had any experience with other builders or design programs for the following reasons:
We break things down into terms that make sense to YOU, not the terms used by advanced developers. For example - rather than using a "Border Radius" we use "Round the Button".
We don't expect you to copy/paste any sort of code. For example, to make memberships on other platforms you'd need to copy/paste code and within our platform you just drag and drop the "Membership" module and 💥 boom! Your screen is protected :)
We focus on keeping everything as simple as possible on the front end so you can spend more time getting users instead of learning how to even build the app. Other builders cram as much overwhelming information in as possible, we like to keep it simple :)
If our competitors were Photoshop we would be Canva - we believe in making app building accessible to everyone regardless of whether or not you can code!
We making pushing to the app store or a live web version as simple as the click of a button. Other platforms expect you to know all about hosting servers, dealing with launch, we just expect you to press a button.
We have further simplified our platform by offering free screen modules to make it easier to build vs. building each individual button at a time. You choose the layout, push it to make it live, and you're done!
To further eliminate overwhelm, we've ordered our modules in order of popularity so you have an idea of where to start.
Have we mentioned our drag and drop feature enough yet? Seriously. Pick a module on the left, drag it to the app screen on the right, and that's it!
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